From AVI to GIF

What is an Aim of AVI to GIF Converter?

AVI to GIF converter (formerly Any Video to GIF Converter) is an essential tool for displaying part of movie on the Internet in a format GIF. You can create animated avatar based on video file, you can create animated screensavers for your mobile phone and you can create stunning animations for your website. All Web Browsers support GIF format, so you may be sure that everybody will see your animation without problems. You can easy adjust the quality of output GIF by setting frame rate, width, height, dithering method, transparency and many other parameters. You can, of course, trim output GIF, because the source video most likely will be too big for full conversion.

What is AVI?

Audio Video Interleaved (shortly “AVI”), is a multimedia container format represented by Microsoft in November 1992. As a container, AVI can include both audio and video content in a file that allows synchronous video-with-audio playback. Nowadays, AVI is very popular and it is supported by most video devices and operating systems. With DivX and Xvid codecs, the quality of AVI video may be even better than DVD movie.

What is GIF?

The Graphics Interchange Format (shortly “GIF”) is a bitmap image format that was represented by CompuServe in 1987 and has since come into widespread usage on the Internet due to its wide support and portability. An animated GIF file contains a number of pictures or frames to be displayed successively, each described by its own Graphic Control Extension, preceded by a header whose content by default applies to all the frames.

Key Features:

– Convert any video files to “standard” Internet animation format GIF.
– Adjust output settings such as resolution, frame rate, dithering, transparency, alternation, lightness, saturation, contrast. You can even make a text overlay on your GIF.
– Trim and crop video frame. You can choose any portion of the source video and select any part of video frame for conversion.
– All popular video formats supported as input, not only AVI.
– Set quality of converting GIF; loop animation.
– Full control over playing video. You can step forward and back on 1 sec., 0.1 sec. So it is very easy to find start and end positions for conversion.
– Video playback while converting.
– Easy-to-use program, a pretty-looking interface. Only 2 clicks required in most cases to convert your file.